Linux: Resizing a LUKS volume on LVM

I have the following partitioning layout:

                |     ext4      |
|     ext4      |     LUKS      |
|     LV-0      |     LV-1      |
+---------------+---------------+----- ... --+
|             VG-0                           |
+------------------------------------- ... --+
|             PV-0                           |
+------------------------------------- ... --+

Now, I need to extend the two ext4 filesystems, to get some more space.

Resizing ext4 on LVM

The first one is easy:

# lvextend -L +50G -r /dev/VG-0/LV-0

Will add 50GB to the volume and resize the contained filesystem. It works even when the filesystem is mounted.

Resizing ext4 on LUKS on LVM

The next one is trickier, as LVM doesn’t automatically support resizing.

Step 1: resize the logical volume:

# lvextend -L +50G /dev/VG-0/LV-1

Step 2: open the LUKS volume:

# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/VG-0/LV-1 crypt_LV-1

Step 3: resize the inner filesytem (extend to fit space):

# e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/crypt_LV-1
# resize2fs /dev/mapper/crypt_LV-1

(the e2fsck is a good practice, and it is enforced by resize2fs anyways..)

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