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Tired of using that stupid java thing to write / upload your firmwares to arduino? Use arscons then (or my slightly improved fork).


I’m actively contributing to the original project via pull-requests, so better thing would be to use it from the original repo, instead of my fork (just watch for any incoming pull request if you absolutely need something new).

Simply download the SConstruct file and put it in your project directory, alongside the .pde file. Please keep in mind that the directory should have the same name of the pde (without extension, of course).

Then use the following commands:

scons ARDUINO_HOME=/path/to/arduino/
scons ARDUINO_HOME=/path/to/arduino/ upload

to build & upload your “sketch”.

Compiling on Gentoo Linux amd64

I had some issues using arscons on 64bit Gentoo. I solved by adding two missing paths to CFLAGS.

You can find a working fork here:

More info can be found here:

If you don’t need the whole java ide, you just need to:

modprobe ftdi_sio

(if that’s missing, enable the following two in kernel config):

Device Drivers -> USB support -> USB Serial Converter support -> USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver Device Drivers -> USB support -> USB Modem (CDC ACM) support

And install the following deps:

emerge sys-devel/crossdev emerge dev-embedded/avrdude USE=”-openmp” crossdev -t avr -s4 -S –without-headers

To use the /dev/ttyUSBX devices, just add your user to the uucp group.

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