Python: shlex splitting for completionΒΆ

This is a function I used to split commands using shlex even in presence of unterminated tokens, raising ``ValueError``s.

def completion_split(s):
    Splits a string using shell lexer, and returns a completion-friendly
    result: ``([<prev-tokens>], <last-token>)``, where [last token] may
    be taken from an uncomplete parsing.

    :param s: The string to be splitted
    :return: a two-tuple: ``([<prev-tokens>], <last-token>)``

    >>> completion_split("")
    ([], '')
    >>> completion_split("a b c")
    (['a', 'b'], 'c')
    >>> completion_split("a b 'c")
    (['a', 'b'], 'c')
    >>> completion_split("a 'b c' d")
    (['a', 'b c'], 'd')
    >>> completion_split("a 'b c' 'd e f")
    (['a', 'b c'], 'd e f')

    lex = shlex.shlex(s, posix=True)
    lex.whitespace_split = True
    lex.commenters = ''
    tokens = []
    while True:
            token = lex.get_token()
            return (tokens, lex.token)
            if token == lex.eof:
                    ## We finished without parsing errors
                    ltok = tokens.pop()
                    return (tokens, ltok)
                except IndexError:
                    ## Nothing here to see..
                    return ([], '')
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