Python: accessing java classes via pyjnius

Some notes about using pyjnius to access Java libraries from Python.

Have a look at this post on my blog for more information on what I did with it.

Installing pyjnius

Pretty straight-forward:

pip install cython
pip install git+git://

Importing classes

Just use autoclass() to import java classes inside Python:

from jnius import autoclass
Tika = autoclass('org.apache.tika.Tika')
Metadata = autoclass('org.apache.tika.metadata.Metadata')
FileInputStream = autoclass('')

And then use them right away:

tika = Tika()
meta = Metadata()
text = tika.parseToString(FileInputStream(filename), meta)


I’m currently experiencing memory leaks when using Tika like that.. I’m currently debugging the thing, but maybe I missed something related to garbage collection..

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